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Editing goal and role models

Two of the configuration files - the goal models (.goal) and the role models (.role) can be easily edited using the recently updated Agent Tool III modeling plugins.

See http://agenttool.cis.ksu.edu for more information.

Adding new behavior

  1. Edit Agent .goal and .role using Agent Tool III, when adding new capabilities, be sure to have consistent names across all instances where the capabilities show up. You may receive errors after adding new capabilities about AASIS not finding the capability specified, this is most likely due to problems with names, make sure you check well!

  2. Add capabilities to your existing Agents by modifying the Agent.xml, specify which agents has which capabilitie33

  3. Create the capability source code inside ec_cap, and double check the names!

  4. Update your plans to incorporate the newly created capability by adding it to your ec_plan of the agent with that capability, your plan should also require the newly made capability near the top. Don’t forget to initialize your new capability just like every other capability. And of course, code that utilizes the capability.

  5. Modify goals as needed within the goals folder.

Please reference AO-MASE and associated papers for more information about this project as well as the process for adding new behavior to this system.

Additional Notes

Please check your gradle.properties file! gradle.properties contains information for the gradle build tool. Make sure to configure the path to fit your system.